Womier Mechanical Keyboard with RGB Lighting Effects

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Brand Name: DURGOD
Application: Laptop
Application: Number
Application: Tablet
Application: Desktop
Certification: None
Language: Russian
Language: english
Language: Hebrew
Language: French
Origin: CN(Origin)
Keyboard Standard: 87 Keys
Type: Wired
Operation Style: Mechanical
Style: Children's Cartoon Keyboard
Style: Mini
Style: Bamboo Keyboard
Style: For Laptop
Style: Solar Keyboard
Style: Numeric Keyboard
Style: Slim
Style: Split Keyboard
Style: Gaming
Style: Ergonomics
Style: Standard
Style: Track Ball Keyboard
Style: Projection Keyboard
Interface Type: USB


Womier 66 is now the hot swappable switch edition. HS stands for hot swapping.
HS Clear means you choose a frosted transparent case, HS Black means you choose a frosted black case.
The bottom row (space bar row) is 1.25-1-1.25-6.25-1.25-1-1.25-1-1
Left gear is 2.25u, right gear is 2u.
沃 弥尔 -Womier 琉璃 66_01 沃 弥尔 -Womier 琉璃 66_02 沃 弥尔 -Womier 琉璃 66_03 沃 弥尔 -Womier 琉璃 66_04 沃 弥尔 -Womier 琉璃 66_05 沃 弥尔 -Womier 琉璃 66_06 沃 弥尔 -Womier 琉璃 66_07 沃 弥尔 -Womier 琉璃 66_08 沃 弥尔 -Womier 琉璃 66_09 沃 弥尔 -Womier 琉璃 66_10 沃 弥尔 -Womier 琉璃 66_11 沃 弥尔 -Womier 琉璃 66_12 沃 弥尔 -Womier 琉璃 66_13 沃 弥尔 -Womier 琉璃 66_14 IMG_3940 IMG_3942 IMG_3946 IMG_3952 IMG_3967 IMG_3979