GB300 Handheld Game Console - 3.0 Inch Screen, 6000 Built-in Games, AV Output Support

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• 3.0-inch Screen :The GB300 handheld game console features a 3.0-inch screen, offering a clear and vibrant display for your gaming experience.

• Built-in 6000 Games :With over 6000 built-in games, this console offers a vast library of entertainment, including support for SF/SFC/GB/GBA games.

• AV Output Support :The device supports AV output, allowing you to enjoy your games on a larger screen using external devices.

• Type-C Controller Interface :Equipped with a Type-C controller interface, this console ensures seamless gameplay with external controllers.

• Simplified Chinese Support :The GB300 console supports Simplified Chinese, catering to a wider range of users across different regions.

• High Screen Resolution :With a screen resolution of 320x240, the GB300 console delivers crisp and detailed visuals for an immersive gaming experience.

6000+Selected Classic Games

This handheld game console has more than 6000 selected classic games, 3.0 HD screen, high-definition smooth screen with high-precision joystick, support for downloading and collecting games, support for 7 kinds of emulators, covering a wide range of games.

Customer Reviews

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for the price it works extremely good buttons are great super satisfied with my purchase

rosa bernier

Arrived fast. Looks great. The system has a good weight and the controls feel nice.