HXSJ V200 RGB Mini Gaming Keyboard - 19-Key Conflict-Free

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Introducing the HXSJ V200 RGB Mini Gaming Keyboard, designed for gamers and professionals alike.

This compact, wired keyboard features an eye-catching RGB streamer lighting effect and offers a mechanical feel with membrane technology.

Enjoy precise, responsive keystrokes and a 19-key conflict-free design for seamless gaming and typing.

Ideal for both game and office use, the HXSJ V200 ensures a comfortable and efficient experience.

Upgrade your setup with this versatile, high-performance keyboard today! 


  • This mini gaming keyboard, the HXSJ V200 RGB, offers multiple RGB lighting modes that can be adjusted using the FN+ phase key.
  • It also features a 68-key layout with ergonomic design and full combination keys, making it ideal for both gaming and office use.
  • Its portable and easy-to-operate design, along with its detachable key line and USB to Type-C connector, adds convenience for the user.
  • The keys are oil-injected laser engraved and made with ABS injection molding, providing a super mechanical feel that is wear-resistant and fade-proof.
  • Additionally, the transparent character backlight allows for easy typing and character recognition.
  • With multiple combination keys available, this keyboard enhances both gaming and office experiences.

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so so pretty!! it's smaller than my last one and i love the way it sounds when i type