Royal Kludge - RK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Wireless and Bluetooth

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Application: Desktop
Application: Laptop
Application: Tablet
Certification: CE
Certification: FCC
Language: english
Origin: CN(Origin)
Keyboard Standard: Mini Keyboard
Type: Bluetooth Wireless
Operation Style: Mechanical
Style: Standard
Style: Ergonomics
Style: Gaming
Style: Mini
Style: For Laptop
Style: for Tablet
Style: Multifunctional Keyboard
Model Number: Three mode RK61
Interface Type: USB
Interface Type: bluetooth
Interface Type: Bluetooth/USB
Full Size keyboard: No
Package: Yes
Axis Body Brand: RK Hot-swap switches
Wrist Support: No
Switches: Blue /Brown /Red Hot-swappable Switches
product name: RK61 mechanical keyboard
type 1: comfortable keyboard
type 2: new emachines ergonomic keyboard
connection method: 2.4Ghz wireless or bluetooth or USB
brand name: RK royal kludge
name: TKL keyobards
Used for: multi-device iphone android
Data cable type: usb-c
keycap style: standard
Product name 1: athletic gaming keybaord
product name 2: gaming keyboard
product name 3: new keyobard
product name 4: professional mechanical keyboard
Characteristic: hot swap keyboard 61


The latest three-mode RK61 design is shown in the figure below. If you have any questions, please contact the RK Elena Official Store Manager.

About hot swappable switches.

It can be hot swapped as you like and replaced by all similar Gateron / Cherry MX mechanical switches on the market freely, compatible with 3 pin / 5 pin switch hot swapping. Smoother, quieter and faster. It is prevalent among office workers, girls, and game enthusiasts.

How to buy a switch?

Ideal for games:

Mechanical blue switch: excellent tactile feedback, every time you press any key, you can get the feedback of the click clearly and with a clear, clicking "kacakaca" sound. Perfect for playing and writing.

Ideal for gaming or typing:

Mechanical Brown Switch: With one click and tactile feedback, when you press any key, you can hear a quieter sound that is easier to activate. It offers a good touch, sensitive and responsive feeling. Perfect for gamers and typists.

Ideal for office work:

Mechanical red switch: Linear switch, which means that the force at the beginning and end of each stroke is almost identical. The result is a feeling that most perceive as "smoother" and "faster", making them especially popular with gaming enthusiasts. The red switch is the best fit in the office.

DIY RGB Software supports:

1. RGB software can only be used in wired keyboard mode.
2. Currently RGB software only supports use on Windows system.

Packing package

1xRK61 Mechanical Keyboard
1x Removable Type-C Cable
1 xKeycap Puller
1x User Manual
4xRK Switches 1 Switch Puller 1 2.4Ghz

About this item

1. Those are three modes - Believe it or not, this is the first generation of three mode RGB wireless keyboards on the market. Stable bluetooth 5.0 wireless mode, hassle-free 2.4Ghz dongle plus USB-C wired mode sets no limits regarding your keyboard connection.
2. Hot-swappable touch blue: The hot-swap PCB allows you to replace 3-pin / 5-pin switches freely without soldering problems. Enjoy the fun of creating your own unique keyboard.
3. Support DIY Software: DIY key binding shortcuts, adjust bright backlight modes, reassign various key functions.
4. Good compatibility: Compatible with Windows, Android and Mac OS. This keyboard without keyboard works well with all major brands of computers, laptops, tablets and phones.

How to connect bluetooth?

1. Turn the bluetooth switch of the keyboard "on" and "B"
2. Turn on the bluetooth of your devices (computer, mobile and ipad).
3. Press the channel you need, like: FN + Q.
4. Hold down [Fn] + [Q] / [W] / [E] for 3 seconds until [Q] / [W] / [E] flashes
5. Device search and connection
6. Successful connection, "Q" key stops flashing, complete

How to connect 2.4Ghz?
1. Turn the bluetooth keyboard switch "on" and "G".
2. Use a 2.4Ghz device to connect to the USB port of the computer / laptop.

RK61 mechanical keyboard specification:

Size: 11.4x3.9x1.7 inch
Layout: 61 keys
Backlight: RGB
Material: ABS
Switch: Blue, brown or red hot swappable switches
Keyboard colors: black or white
Modes: Bluetooth 5.0 / USB / 2 , 4 Ghz
Voltage: 5V
Data cable type: usb-c System
compatibility: Windows XP / VISTA / 7/8/10 with Bluetooth adapter, IOS, Macos, Linux, Android


1. If you find that the Bluetooth is periodically disconnected, the keyboard may be in low power, please continue to charge the keyboard.

2. Before using the RK61's Bluetooth function for the first time, make sure the keyboard has been fully charging the battery in less than 3 hours.